Temperature Controllers

The PCTC1001 is a simple single channel temperature controller. The temperature is monitored with a sensor through a feedback loop.

Temperature Controller with Dual Channels

The PCTC2001 Temperature Controller has dual heating modules. Depends on experimental settings, it either simply serves as a two individual single channel controllers or groups with a sensor, a heater block and a heating platform to achieve a desired temperature.

Accessories and Parts

Cube Heater

The CH-16 Cubic Heater is designed to warm up a solution and sustain the desired temperature at a constant level via a feedback loop.

The TP-20 Temperature Platform is designed to prevent heat loss from the thermal gradient and maintain a desired solution temperature.


External Communication Cable

The EC-05 External Communication Cable can link up an external device (e.g. a computer) with the Temperature Controller to adjust and set the temperature remotely. It can also output the heater temperature and the test point sensor temperature value.

Test Point Sensor

The TS-03 Test Point Sensor is designed to detect the temperature of a desired point of interest. The testing temperature will be displayed on the front panel of the Temperature Controller.