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The electrical mapping systems (EMS) are equipped with the new generation of Multi-Electrode arrays (MEAs) and high performance amplifiers. The advanced EMaping software facilitates fast recordings of field potentials from in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo cardiac samples. […..]

Temperature Controllers System

Temperature controlling systems are essential to keep l solutions at a desired level. MappingLab provides a single channel PCTC 1001 controller and dual channel PCTC2001 controller to cater for different experimental needs.

MappingLab Ltd provides standard OMS-PCIE-1001, OMS-PCIE-1002 and OMSPCIE-2002 system as well as tailor-made systems. Dual signal optical mapping systems are suitable to record cardiac membrane potential and calcium imaging simultaneously. […..]

Heart/Tissue Perfusion Systems

MappingLab provides 8 valves perfusion system and tissues/small organ perfusion chamber for maintaining experimental samples in a physiological environment.

VCS-3001 stimulator has a built-in isolator which ensures voltage and current pulses to be delivered regardless of mains and grounding

Compatible with the control of a number of different wavelength, different brightness lamps

Cardiac Mapping System

The cardiac mapping system has become a popular research tool for studying cardiac arrythmias in electrophysiological laboratories. A new generation of multi-channel mapping systems is designed to obtain multiple electric and fluorescent signals from the Langendorff animal hearts, cardiac tissues and cardiomyocytes more efficiently and user-friendly. Our mapping systems can be customised at a competitive price.

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