Electrical Mapping System - Home page
  • Precisely obtain action potential recordings at various regions of heart from in vivo and ex vivo preparation, track down cardiac pacemaker activities as well as record the electrical conduction direction and velocity of the heart.
  • Accurately record and analyse depolarization and repolarization of cardiac action potentials.
  • Reliably capture the abnormal electrical activities in heart during arrhythmia.
  • Closely monitor changes in electrophysiological parameters during antiarrhythmic drug treatment.
Temperature Controllers System
  • Dual thermistor design.
  • All measurements are displayed in real time.
  • Built-in safety protection for thermistors.
  • Optional internal/external control modes.
  • Monitor temperature of the operational mode and the temperature of the point of interest in real time.
  • Provides a maximum of 25W of heating power into a load of 4 ohms.
Optical Mapping System - Home Page
  • Light of 585 or 650 nm wavelength emanating from a spot in the range of 5-30 cm from the system can be imaged while stray light is filtered out.
  • By adjusting the object distance or focal length or lens group, the spot can fill 32 * 32 to 100 * 100 pixel continuous area.
  • Capable of intercepting successive areas of recording, ignoring areas that do not require recording.
  • The lens group and the best filter can be placed between the lens and the CCD.
  • The entire system should be a closed system, free from external light interference.
Heart/Tissue Perfusion Systems

Perfusion systems for mouse, rat, guinea pig or rabbit heart and tissue preparations.

MappingLab provides 8 valves perfusion system and tissues/small organ perfusion chamber for maintaining experimental samples in a physiological environment.
VCS-3001 stimulator has a built-in isolator which ensures voltage and current pulses to be delivered regardless of mains and grounding

Cardiac Mapping System

The cardiac mapping system has become a popular research tool for studying cardiac arrythmias in electrophysiological laboratories. A new generation of multi-channel mapping systems is designed to obtain multiple electric and fluorescent signals from the Langendorff animal hearts, cardiac tissues and cardiomyocytes more efficiently and user-friendly. Our mapping systems can be customised at a competitive price.

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