PCTC2001 Temperature Controller


The PCTC2001 Temperature Controller can be optionally programmed to perform two heating modules. Firstly, it can be simply operated like a PCTC1001 Temperature ControllerIn this module, it is grouped with both CH-16 Cubic Heater and TP-18 Temperature Platform to heat up a perfusion buffer and maintain the expected temperature at a desired level in a working chamber. Secondly, it can act like two PCTC1001 Temperature Controllers to heat up two independent solution lines. This function is fundamentally useful for researchers to perform a complicated experiment when more than one solution line is required.


  • Two set of temperatures display in real time.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Automatically store the user’s settings.
  • Built-in thermistor fault protection from overheating in the event of sensor failure.
  • Flexible temperature control.



CH-16 Cubic Heater, TP-20 Temperature Platform, TS-03 Test Point Sensor