PCTC1001 Temperature Controller


The temperature setting for PCTC1001 can be programmed. The controller is usually grouped with CH-16 Cubic Heater and TP Series Temperature Platform to heat up a perfusion system and maintain the temperature at a desired level in a working chamber. It also can be connected with TS-01 Test Point Sensor to monitor the temperature. It is an essential instrument for an electrophysiological research lab, especially for the lab equipped with patch clamp system.


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Temperatures display at real time.
  • Automatically store user’s setting.
  • Built-in thermistor fault protection from overheating.
  • External control is available.
  • High-accuracy temperature measurement


  • CH-16 Cubic Heater
  • TP-20 Temperature Platform
  • TS-03 Test Point Sensor

Performance Introduction.

1.Easy for the user to set the desired temperature

The PCTC1001 Temperature Controller provides a maximum of 25W of heating power into a load of 4 ohms.The set temperature is optionally programmed by external or internal modes. The desired temperature could be easily set by rotating the TEMP SETTING knob when internal mode is selected, as well as conveniently set by an external input voltage calibrated to 100mV /℃ when external mode is selected.The accuracy of temperature control is usually better than ± 0.5℃ and under ideal conditions will be close to ± 0.1℃.

2.Distinctive features

Both the set temperature and the feedback temperature are displayed on the front panel individually and simultaneously, and no manual selection or switching is required. It is convenient for users to operate the device and read the temperature measurements.
The PCTC1001 Temperature Controller can automatically store the user’s last valid setting after the setup parameters had been completed and stabilized for more than 30 seconds.
Its built-in thermistor fault protection will automatically prevent the in-line heater from overheating in the event of a sensor failure.
External Communication Cable provides a flexible method for remotely controlling the set temperature.

3.Real-time temperature recording

The dual sensor continuously monitors real-time temperatures. The In-line thermistor and Test Point Sensor can regulate the heater via an independent feedback loop. The TS-03 Test Point Sensor can also simply act as a probe to measure the temperature from any point of interest. The measured temperatures will be displayed on the front panel display of the PCTC1001 Temperature Controller or may also be read from other devices connected via the EXT COM port on the rear panel.



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