The OMS-PCIE-2002 is an advanced fluorescent data acquisition system with an extreme low noise. It can independently captures two individual images (calcium and membrane potential). It is becoming a preferred optical mapping system for cardiac researchers who looks for the innovative time saving solutions for their equipment. It would be a long term investment for a cardiac research lab.


  • Two CMOS cameras, two fluorescent signals (calcium and membrane potential), economical.
  • Higher speed and signal-noise-ratio (SNR)
  • Detect area in a range of 5 to 30 cm from cardiac samples illuminated with 525 wavelength.
  • Maximum resolution: 512*512 pixels.
  • Dynamic range up to 50,000:1(94 dB)
  • Sampling rate up 3.5kHz with resolution 32*32 pixels.
  • ROI frame rate resolution up to 3500 Hz..
  • 12 bit depth per pixel.
  • TTL synchronization with precision higher than 100μs.
  • Time-lapse imaging.
  • Customized ancillary Devices
  • USB3.0 or PCI



OMapRecord, OMapScope


Windows 7, 8, 10


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