Glass Microelectrode Arrays


The Glass Microelectrode Arrays are a powerful tool to provide a simplified model for cardiac and neuronal network research. Since the cells grow in a monolayer on a glass embedded with microelectrode arrays, therefore it is easy to monitor and manipulate cells with desired stimulating sequences in a defined area. Multiple measurements can be easily achieved over a long period of culturing. More excitedly, the network between cardiac and neuronal electrical activities can be studied in a simple environment.


  • Base glass: 50 * 50 * 1 mm
  • The transparent glass is helpful to image samples.
  • Electrode material: ITO / gold / platinum
  • Diameter: ID 22mm, OD 25mm
  • Number of electrodes: 32, 64 and even more
  • Electrode diameter: 20 μm, 30 μm and 50 μm