EMS64-USB-1003CS, non-invasive recording of electric field signals of cells or tissues, can simultaneously record electrical signals at 36-64 channels. It can be used for the detection of atrial tissue, ventricular tissue, sinoatrial node, atrioventricular node, Purkinje fiber tissue, myocardial slice and myocardial cell layer. It can also be used for multi-point electrophysiological mapping of brain slices, neural spiking activity, gastrointestinal tissue, uterus and other smooth muscles.


  • Consists of a 64-channel amplifier and A/D converter; supports various types of electrode electrical activity.
  • Provides 32 / 36 / 64 channel signal input.
  • Single channel sampling frequency up to 30 kHz.
  • 16-bit data resolution.
  • Built-in stimulator for simultaneous recording.
  • A gain of 100 to 10000 digitally controlled programmable amplifier.
  • Voltage input range: 5 mV.
  • Provides a +5V TTL level output interface for triggering a stimulator or other signal recording device.
  • +12 volt external power supply.
  • USB CCD camera.
  • 64 electromagnetic isolation channels are used for synchronous electrophysiological mapping of animals in vivo, which can effectively prevent the leakage current of the instrument from causing damage to the internal organs of the animals.
  • The electromagnetic isolation channel integrates the anti-defibrillation function, which can simultaneously perform high-voltage current operations such as defibrillation and stimulation during the data acquisition process of in vivo animals to protect the multi-channel amplifier from damage.





Windows 7, 8, 10


32, 36, 64