The EMS128-PXI-1002 consists of 144 (128+16) channel amplifiers and ADCs. PXI and the fibre optic transmission system are equipped in EMS128-1002 and EMS256-1001; these features greatly benefit not only the speed of data acquisition but also the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This system is particularly designed for researchers who need more comprehensive information from cardiac samples. Multiple sites of cardiac samples can be recorded simultaneously.


  • 128 channels for electrogram input.
  • 16 additional channels for simultaneously recording analogue signals such as ECG, MAP , pressure, tension force, temperature, etc.
  • Up to 51.2 kHz sampling rate on each channel.
  • 24 bits data resolution.
  • A gain of 100 to 10000 digitally controlled programmable amplifier.
  • USB CCD camera.
  • +12 Volt external power supply.
  • 128 electromagnetic isolation channels are used for synchronous electrophysiological mapping of animals in vivo, which can effectively prevent the leakage current of the instrument from causing damage to the internal organs of animals.
  • The electromagnetic isolation channel integrates anti-defibrillation function, which can simultaneously perform high-voltage current operations such as defibrillation and stimulation during the data collection process of in vivo animals to protect the multi-channel amplifier from damage.





Windows 7, 8, 10


32 to 64 Channel Converter


32, 36, 64, 32 X 2, 128, or 64 X 2