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Single Carmera Optical Mapping System - Product



The OMS-PCIE-1001 is a data acquisition system equipped with the high-speed imaging, high signal-to-noise ratio and high spatial resolution. Thanks to its powerful ability to record membrane potentials or calcium signals from different myocardial tissues, it has been widely used in cardiac electrophysiological research.


  • Pixel size: 6.5×6.5μm
  • Peak QE: > 95%
  • Frame rate: up to 3.5kHz
  • Dynamic range: 25,000:1 (88 dB)
  • ROI size: up to 256 x 256 pixels
  • Object distance: 5 to 30 cm, adjustable
  • Emission wavelength: 585nm, 650nm, or customized
  • A closed optical system
  • Can combine fluorescent/transmitted light microscopy



  • OMapRecord
  • OMapScope
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Intel Macintosh running Windows

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