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The EMS256-PXI-1001 consists of 272 channels (256+16) amplifiers and ADCs. PXI and the fibre optic transmission system are equipped in the EMS256-1001 system. The huge advantage of this system is that multiple MEAs can be used to simultaneously record the electrical activities from different sites of cardiac samples, therefore, it is helpful to researchers work on large cardiac samples. It is a powerful tool for researchers seek a high performance data acquisition system to investigate the cardiac conduction system. Additionally, it can be also used in the surface ECG recording from human body.

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  • 256 channels for electrogram input
  • 16 additional channels for simultaneously recording analogue signals such as ECG, MAP, pressure, tension force, temperature, etc.
  • Up to 51.2 kHz sampling rate on each channel.
  • 24 bits data resolution.
  • A gain of 100 to 10000 digitally controlled programmable amplifier.
  • USB CCD camera.
  • +12 Volt external power supply.



  • EMapRecord
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X.

Hardware accessories:

  • 32 to 64 Channel Converter.
  • MEAs: 32, 36, 64, 32 X 2, 128, 256, 64 X 2 and 2 X128.

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