The Multi-Channel Signal Generator & Data Acquisition System OMSC801 can generate configurable pulse signals, meanwhile it can also acquire analog signals in real-time from other external amplifiers.

There are 8 BNC connectors on the front panel. The first seven (DO1-DO7) are used as general pulse generators. The last one (CAM) is reserved for MappingLab’s Optical Mapping System. There are 4 LEMO connectors (AI1-AI4) on the front panel. Each of the connector allows a five pins data cable connected to an external device to obtain analog signal such as ECG, pressure, temperature and so on.


  • Up to 8 channels of pulse output
  • Each channel is independent of others
  • Each channel can be combined
  • Pulse parameter computer configuration
  • High pulse frequency output
  • 4 channels of analog data input
  • 16 bit analog data resolution
  • Up to 12.5kHz sampling speed