Xu et. al (2022) showed the changes in the ventricular repolarization after treatment with cisapride alone or in combination with other factors. The combination of catecholamines shortened the APD, but triangulation & dispersion still existed, which could easily induce ventricular fibrillation.

Optical mapping system was used to measure transmembrane potential. Activation maps, APD, conduction velocity were further computed by OMapScope.


Yu et. al (2022) showed icariin attenuates excessive alcohol consumption-induced susceptibility to atrial fibrillation through SIRT3 signaling. This might serve as the novel therapeutic strategy against alcohol-induced AF genesis.

The electrical mapping system with a multi-electrode array (8×8) was used to acquire and digitize the atrial epicardial conduction signals which were further processed into e.g. conduction velocity, absolute inhomogeneity and inhomogeneity index by EMapScope software.

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