Wang et. al (2022) showed Lir (GLP-1 receptor agonist) administration could ameliorate the electrical conduction velocity and absolute heterogeneity of the atrium and reduce the induction rate and duration of atrial fibrillation.

The electrical mapping system with a multi-electrode array (6×6) was used to acquire and digitize the atrial epicardial activation maps which were further processed into e.g. conduction velocity, absolute inhomogeneity and inhomogeneity index by EMapScope software.

Xiong et. al (2022) showed a novel engineered cardiac patch with integrated conductivity, elasticity and full vascularization. This could exert effective MI repair effects through substantial vascular anastomoses and electrical integration in the infarcted heart.

The electrical mapping system with a multi-electrode array (8×8 grid) was used to assess epicardial electrical activation and conduction of the left ventricle. Isochronal maps and conduction velocity were then generated by EMapScope software.


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