1.Wang et.al (2022) showed Abdominal irradiation causes long-term damage to the nonirradiated heart, as reflected by electrical and structural remodeling and mechanical dysfunction associated with abnormal amino acid biosynthesis and metabolism. The electrical mapping system with a multi-electrode array was used to measure epicardial conduction signals which were further processed into e.g. conduction velocity, absolute inhomogeneity and inhomogeneity index by EMapScope software.


2.Yuan et. al. (2022) showed IP3R1–GRP75–VDAC1 complex mediates ER stress–mitochondrial oxidative stress and plays an important role in diabetic atrial remodeling. Interestingly, knockout of GRP75 of the mitochondria-associated ER membranes improves ER stress-induced atrial remodeling and reduces atrial fibrillation progression. The electrical mapping system with a multi-electrode array was employed to measure important epicardial electrophysiological parameters, eg, conduction velocity, effective refractory period, absolute inhomogeneity and inhomogeneity index.