Despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents, MappingLab aims to advise and reassure our customers and partners on our stance in the crisis. As a business with a sole focus on medical advances, we are not only meeting these challenges head-on, but we are acting upon the opportunity for industrial growth.

Seeing the Silver Lining

Though testing, circumstances of ambiguity and hardship offer the world an opportunity to accelerate development in certain industrial fields. The biomedical industry has been placed under the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic and awarded space to expand and advance to a completely unforeseen scale. Therefore, the services that MappingLab provide are paramount; we are doing everything in our power to contribute to the drug screening efforts to discover a suitable COVID-19 drug therapy.

Our Commitment to You

We have always been committed to providing professional service to customers. Although MappingLab has inevitably been hit by COVID-19, we are working diligently to both overcome the virus and its effects on our business, while maintaining our unwavering support to you. Meanwhile, we are looking towards the future with proactivity and optimism. During this worldwide crisis, we are seeing the potential for huge developments in the medical industry. MappingLab’s drug screening mapping technology has proven the immediate capacity for industry progress, however, there is no cap to the technological growth we are looking to gain in this period. Our goal is to deliver on our business pledge while ensuring our services are utilized to an unmet capacity.