by Dr Jay Lu

In this mini post, we are presenting a short video which gives you an idea of what you can do with Electrical Mapping System. In short, with the help of sensitive multiple electrode arrays (MEAs) and other electrodes, you can easily record field potential, ECG, monophasic action potential, and systolic and diastolic pressure at the same time.


Let’s do a quick recap.

Electrical mapping system accurately records depolarization and repolarization of the cardiac action potential at various regions of the heart from in vivo and ex vivo preparation. It serves a great and valuable tool for cardiac functional studies

Examples of measurable parameters:

  • Initiation Sites & Frequency of Action Potentials
  • Direction & Velocity of Conduction
  • Electrical Conduction Dispersion
  • Repolarization Dispersion
  • Effective Refractory Period
  • QT Interval Dispersion for Both in vitro & in vivo Experimental Sampling
  • Ventricular Systolic Pressure
  • Coronary Perfusion Pressure
  • Monophasic Action Potentials

If you are looking for a quick drug screening for cardiac electrophysiology parameters, electrical mapping is an excellent method to get the job done. It also offers a full-capacity analysis on all electrical waves at probed regions. This electrical mapping technology can also apply to any drug treatment or genetically engineered animal model studies.